In most cases, I do not need to meet you face to face to discuss making or changing a Will. I can take your instructions by email, phone or letter.

Email will be the most reliable way of making contact. Please email [email protected]

If you phone, please leave a message on the voicemail saying that you would like to make a Will and giving your name and number to call you back on. Please do not tell me in the voicemail message what you wish to include in your will – I will call you back to get the details.

Letters will be slowest way of contacting me. There is some disruption to postal deliveries in Oxford because of coronavirus. I am currently working from home and only visit the office every few days, so it could be some time before I receive your letter.

There is guidance on making Wills here.

When we have discussed your wishes, I will send you a draft Will and covering letter by post (and by email if you wish).

When you are happy with the Will I will prepare the top copy for signature.

While the current coronavirus restrictions are in place you cannot visit our offices to sign it. I will send the Will to you for signature with signing instructions. Signing a Will requires three people to be present in the same room at the same time – you and the two witnesses. There is no way round this – the Will is not valid unless it is signed in the presence of two witnesses.

The witnesses cannot be people mentioned in the Will or their spouses / civil partners. Usually people ask their neighbours to witness their Wills. However, please do not ask anybody to witness a Will if they are self-isolating because they have coronavirus symptoms or are a vulnerable person.

Chris Wallworth